Live circularity, shape the future

We live circularity not just as a trend, but as a central solution to fulfill our responsibility to the environment.

Circularity at the core of the solution

The importance of efficient and sustainable use of existing resources is constantly increasing and requires new approaches to solutions in almost all industries – including the furniture industry. The goal of producing and selling more and more is not expedient, which is why we are exploring new approaches.

Zirkularität Novu Office

Our vision is to live circularity and implement it as an integral part of the office.

Our mission is never to let office furniture become waste, but to keep it constantly in circulation. We use office furniture intelligently and strive to extend its useful life as much as possible . By having office furniture refurbished, recycled and reused , we can make a positive impact on the environment, well-being and businesses. We want to avoid that office furniture is stored unused or scrapped – therefore we help our customers to reduce their ecological footprint.

We live circularity

... sustainable

A comprehensive concept that keeps resources in a closed loop and minimizes waste.

... durable

We do not scrap returned office equipment. Instead, 2nd Life furniture is upgraded and repaired to sustainably extend its life.

... responsible

With our service model, we can take responsibility together. By the selective use of already existing furniture we save your budget and the environment.

Sustainable office furnishings for a better future

The circular approach is essential for shaping modern work environments. Today, the world of work is characterized by absolute flexibility. The workplace has become a space for encounters, exchange, and above all, choice. We want to adapt to this. We transform every space into an inspiring place - individual and flexible.

Apart from that, circular models go far beyond waste reduction - they offer resource efficiency and sustainability, which in turn contributes to the creation of stable and sustainable jobs . Ecological benefits, along with an improvement in the quality of life for employees and enhanced competitiveness for companies, are the result.

The future of the circular economy is in the hands of each one of us. Together, we can shape a sustainable future where resources are conserved, and the impact on the environment is minimized.

How do we implement circular economy?


We value high-quality furniture that is not only functional, but also has a timeless design, so that it can convince with style for generations.


Our partnerships are based on ethical and environmentally friendly standards. We work exclusively with certified manufacturers and suppliers.

Supply Chains

We source our office furniture from certified manufacturers in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. By shortening distances, we reduce transport emissions.

Repair &

We extend the life span
by repairing and upgrading furniture. This enables us to conserve resources, reduce waste and offer long-lasting products.

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