Our values and sustainability

Our values and our efforts in the area of sustainability form the pillars of our corporate culture. They encourage us every day to strive for long-term success for our customers and our company.

What we stand for

Responsibility & Care

Companies have a clear responsibility to make sure employees are well and safe. Our solutions allow companies to sincerely care for their employees by making sure everybody has the best possible workplace – in the office and at home.


Sustainability is at the heart of our solutions. We work with regional suppliers that put great emphasis on sustainable production and supply chains. At the same time, we pursuit a circular business model to reduce waste and extend product lifecycles.

Health & Productivity

We believe in the importance of having an ergonomic and well-equipped workplace – in the office and at home – to ensure health as well as boosting productivity, motivation and satisfaction at work.

Change & Hybrid Working

The transformation towards hybrid work models offers great opportunities to companies that act now. Our solutions offer hands-on support to make this transformation a success.


We understand sustainability as an interaction between ecological, social and economic goals.

Ecological sustainability

Our actions have ecological consequences. With these guidelines, we try to keep our ecological footprint at the smallest possible level.

Supply chain

We work with regional suppliers that put great emphasis on sustainable materials, reducing carbon emissions, and have full transparency across their supply chains.


We purely offer high-quality products with long lifecycles and pursuit a circular business model, both resulting in multiple use of products and, thus, less waste.

Home office

We actively support widespread implementation of hybrid work models, which positively impacts CO2 emissions based on fewer business travels and commutes.

Social sustainability

Both physical and mental health influence the way we live together. Through our social efforts, we promote a positive working atmosphere.

Physical well-being

Our solutions allow companies to equip all employees with ergonomic workplaces – in the office and at home – preventing negative effects from work on employees’ health.

Employee appreciation

We offer companies an easy way to show that they care about their employees’ health and well-being as well as appreciate their efforts.

Home office

We actively support widespread implementation of hybrid work models, which results in more personal and social development by putting time aside for family, friends, and hobbies.

Economic sustainability

By using resources efficiently, we increase the focus on generating added value.

Cost efficiency

Our solutions allow companies to reduce fix costs (e.g., less office space required), increase flexibility (e.g., through pay-per-use model), and eliminate costs related to unused equipment.

Employee retention and attraction

Our solutions support companies in setting up attractive hybrid work and related support policies, which results in a higher employer attractiveness making it easier to attract and retain talent.


Our solutions allow employees to work from home as productive as from the office – if not even more productive, as they can shape their workplace based on individual preferences and needs.