Staging as-a-Service

The market for office space leasing becomes more and more challenging with vacancies on the rise – our offering is one building block to address this.

Trends in office space leasing

Vacancies of rental spaces for offices (in the agglomeration) increase

Companies demand more flexibility when it comes to renting office spaces

The desired service level increases

Staged office spaces are easier to rent out compared to empty spaces


Purchase of furniture requires financial investment

Planning/ conceptualization is time consuming

Delivery times of furniture are often long

What happens to the furniture when the space is rented?

Our approach

Flexible rental model

We offer a flexible rental model for any equipment used in modern offices.

High quality and speed

We have a selected and high quality assortment constantly in stock and can therefore implement projects quickly.

Comprehensive service

We take over the planning, implementation as well as the return when the furniture is no longer needed.

Purchase of existing furniture

We are happy to take existing and no longer needed furniture in payment.

The perfect equipment for every showroom

More than staging

If tenants are interested, they canpurchase "staging furniture" or continue to use it under the service model

We also offerplanning and flexible rental models for the complete furnishing of offices