We equip your employees in the home office

You would like to support your employees in the home office? We offer the equipment to do so. At the same time, we enable a model tailored to your needs.

Ergonomics and productivity in the home office

No matter how and where your employees work – we offer the right equipment so that they are optimally equipped.

Novu Office platform

Your employees receive access to the Novu Office platform and can order individual home office equipment quickly and easily directly to their homes.

High-quality product portfolio

Our product portfolio includes furniture and IT products that enable ergonomic and efficient work and integrate ideally into existing room concepts.

Comprehensive service

We offer a comprehensive service around our products - delivery and assembly, technical support, as well as take-back if employees leave the company.

Various financing models

Choose from various forms of financing (rental, leasing or purchase) and define up to what amount you as the employer will cover the costs.

As individual as your employees

Choose the form of financing, portfolio and service level that best suits you.


We basically offer a standard range of high-quality products. However, we can limit this to selected products as well as supplement it with your desired products.

Standard range

Extended range

Service level

We offer 100% convenience when you choose it: From delivery and installation, to technical support and take-back in the case of employee turnover. You decide what you need and to what extent.

All inclusive

Pay as you go


We offer rental, leasing and purchase models for the equipment. In addition, we offer absolute flexibility in cost sharing - you can bear the costs in full, share them or leave them entirely to your employees.




Not yet convinced?

Employee satisfaction

Our solution makes it possible to fulfill individual wishes and needs to keep your employees happy.

Productivity and health

Our portfolio allows healthy and more productive working thanks to ergonomic work stations and relevant IT products.

Expand talent pool

Position yourself as an attractive employer thanks to access to our platform. Offer extended fringe benefits.

Minimum effort

The solution can be implemented quickly and without much effort. You can use an existing platform.

Targeted support

You support your employees in the home office. Your support is restricted to a specific purpose and can only be used for home office equipment.

Relief for the environment

Our high-quality assortment convinces through longevity. In addition, we stand for circular economy, as our products can be used several times.

Our employees can get home office equipment from Novu Office for up to CHF 100 per month. This means they are perfectly equipped and we don’t have to worry about anything.

Large screens, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are central for us. With Novu Office we have found the perfect partner for our hybrid work model.

Andrea Canonica

CXO & Board Executive, Credit Exchange AG

Novu Office enables our employees to individually set up an ergonomic workstation at home. This supports healthy working and increases productivity.

The offer also enables us to position ourselves as an attractive employer and thus expand our talent pool.

Markus Wellstein

CEO, Swiss School for International Business