Our approach to office planning

Our approach to office planning is based on three core activities: Focus, Meeting and Socializing

A modern and attractive working environment is a key building block to meet current challenges – why?

Motivates employees to come back to the office without additional regulations

Enables productive and efficient work (e.g. hybrid meetings)

Promotes exchange and serves as a visible element of the corporate culture

Increases the attractiveness as an employer in a very visible way

Our approach to office planning


Collaboration also consists of phases of focused work. In modern offices, workstations for focused work and opportunities for a retreat are essential.


Collaboration in the context of New Work has many facets and requires modular systems. These can be combined as required and create the necessary space – on site and virtually.


Personal contact in the context of hybrid work has a high priority. The setup of the environment strongly determines the character and quality of the exchange.

We plan your office in 48h – 100% professional and free of charge

Each activity requires a specific setup - modularity allows for optimal use of space.


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Office planning free of charge in 48h

We create a free plan for your office space within 48h and thus enable a modern and attractive working environment in a timely manner.

Novu Office as knowledge partner

We actively create knowledge around new work models and use this in the planning of office space.


We work with first-class manufacturers and at the same time have access to over 30,000 pieces of used furniture – not everything has to be brand new.


We work exclusively with high quality products and can therefore rely on a circular model in which used furniture is also used.


Our models allow flexibility to respond to changing needs, reducing the risk of misinvestments.

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Falk Weber

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