Office Equipment as-a-Service

New work models are changing the requirements for offices. We offer the perfect solution to meet these requirements in a sustainable, cost-efficient, and flexible way

Our approach

Sustainable office furnishing through a combination of new and 2nd life furniture from first-class manufacturers and a circular rental model that is no more expensive than buying, even in the long term.

New ownership models

We offer innovative alternatives to purchase to increase flexibility and minimize the risk of bad investments.

Comprehensive service

We offer everything from planning to implementation and recycling from a single source for maximum convenience.

New and 2nd life furniture

In addition to new furniture, we proactively incorporate 2nd life products into our planning to promote sustainability and cost efficiency.

Unser Service-Level

Comprehensive service from one partner


Planning and visualization of furnishing concepts


Implementation of planning incl. delivery and assembly


Maintenance as well as planning and implementation of optimizations

2nd Life

Disassembly, refurbishing and reuse

Long live the office

A modern office offers employees an attractive working environment and thus promotes personal exchange.

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How does our rental model work?

Tiered rental fee

The rental fee is reduced by about 80% after three years so that a long-term rental is also financially attractive.

Full flexibility

After a minimum period of one year, the entire equipment or parts thereof can be returned or exchanged

Purchase option

There is always the possibility to buy the furniture – the rent already paid is credited in full

Our products

We offer everything required for a modern and attractive working environment and work exclusively with high-quality products.

Not convinced yet?

Office planning free of charge in 48h

We create a free plan for your office space within 48h and thus enable a modern and attractive working environment in a timely manner.

Novu Office as knowledge partner

We actively create knowledge around new work models and use this in the planning of office space.


We work with first-class manufacturers and at the same time have access to over 30,000 pieces of used furniture – not everything has to be brand new.


We work exclusively with high quality products and can therefore rely on a circular model in which used furniture is also used.


Our models allow flexibility to respond to changing needs, reducing the risk of misinvestments.

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Falk Weber

Falk Weber

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