Office Equipment as-a-Service

New work models are changing the requirements for offices. We offer the perfect solution to meet these requirements quickly and easily.

Equipment to suit your needs

From classic workstations to phone boxes to meeting zones, we have the right equipment to make your office as attractive as possible.

Key challenges

Employees do not return to the office (to the desired extent)

Hybrid work models demand new office setups

Maintain and actively promote corporate culture

War for talent has become more accentuated

A modern and attractive working environment is an important component in meeting these challenges

Motivates employees to come back to the office without additional regulations

Enables productive and efficient work (e.g. hybrid meetings)

Promotes exchange and serves as a visible element of the corporate culture

Increases the attractiveness as an employer in a very visible way

With our Office as-a-Service offer, we provide a solution for various situations

Temporary use
of office space

Due to relocation, project work or interim use

Pilot projects for new
utilization concepts

Zones for workshops, meetings or room-in-room systems


Adaptation of individual work modules over a longer period of time

Complete solution from one partner

Individual planning and consulting

Professional and personal advice in the selection of suitable equipment

Purchase of existing equipment

Simple purchase of existing and no longer used equipment

Flexible financing options

Flexible rental model that can be converted to a purchase model if required