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We actively create and share knowledge around new working models and use this from the planning to the implementation of office spaces. Share with us the requirements of your business

Plan your office with us

Learn more about how we support you throughout the process, from planning to making changes in your work environment.

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Planning and visualization of the furnishing concept
1. Planning
We create a free plan for your office space within 48h and thus enable a modern and attractive working environment in a timely manner.
Planning and visualization of the furnishing concept
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All-round carefree package
2. Set up
Once the planning is complete, we set the date of implementation. We deliver and assemble the furniture in your work environment and make sure everything works.
All-round carefree package
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Focus on individual needs
3. Use
Only when you use it can we effectively observe how your requirements are expressed and change over time. We are always at your side to meet the needs as best as possible.
Focus on individual needs
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Your personal consultation continues
4. Change
Change is the only constant. We take change requests to heart. Whether you're looking to expand, downsize or remodel, customization is part of our service..
Your personal consultation continues

Our approach

Sustainable office furnishings through a combination of new and 2nd life furniture from world-class manufacturers, as well as a circular service modelthat is no more expensive than buying, even in the long run.

New ownership models

We offer innovative alternatives to purchase to increase flexibility and minimize the risk of bad investments.

Comprehensive service

We offer everything from planning to set up and recycling from a single source for maximum convenience.

New and 2nd life furniture

In addition to new furniture, we proactively incorporate 2nd life products into our planning to promote sustainability and cost efficiency.

Buying furniture redefined

Are you faced with the choice of buying or renting? Discover why our approach is better suited to your needs .

Furniture purchase

without flexibility

Upfront investment necessary
No flexibility available
Only new products
Service charged separately
Long project implementation

Static setup without possibility for customization

Novu Office approach

without misinvestment

Flexible financing models
Customization possible
Combination with 2nd Life furniture
All-round service included
Planning within 48 hours
More flexibility, sustainability and cost efficiency

Who are we?

All-round carefree package
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Comprehensive service
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We are here for you.

Our goal is to find the best possible solution for your office and help you realize your individual work environment.

Are you ready to start a new project with us?

Are you ready to start a new project with us?

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