Seat cushion


VLUV Balance Pad Stov | Anthracite

The air-filled balance cushion from VLUV with a high-quality fabric cover is the ideal product for greater dynamics when sitting for longer periods of time. Through continuous, unconscious balancing of the upper body, the cushion has the positive effect of a sitting ball. It encourages active sitting, which exercises the back practically unconsciously. In addition, the seat cushion with its handy handle can be quickly changed from one available seat to another.

  • Diameter: 36cm, Height: 6cm
  • Fits most office chairs, stools, and benches
  • Fabric: Anthracite
  • Motivates to an upright, ergonomic sitting position
  • Constant, unconscious balancing provides movement and flexibility
  • Includes hand pump for individual air inflation or deflation
  • Recommended for user weight up to 200kg