Shaping future work models together

Ever since founding Novu Office back in 2020, we have been supporting companies with flexible solutions in implementing hybrid work models. We are convinced that an ergonomically and functionally equipped workplace is the basis for productive, healthy, and motivated working.

Working productively, healthy, and motivated from anywhere

Flexible working models are not new

As early as the 1970s, the social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann dealt with the topic of New Work. His approach: work models must be designed more flexibly to enable employees to work the way they want to, not the way structures or historically developed systems dictate. The founding team behind Novu Office – Sam, Fabian, and Falk – came into contact with Bergmann’s approach in different contexts back in 2018 and all three saw huge potential. However, the result of initial discussions was sobering: most companies did not yet have the topic of hybrid working models on their radar.

The pandemic as a catalyst

However, the COVID 19 pandemic has radically changed this. Bergmann’s approach and thoughts are now more current and relevant than ever. Companies are increasingly turning to hybrid work models. A key challenge in such models is ensuring that employees remain motivated, healthy – both mentally and physically – and productive. Sam, Fabian, and Falk have encountered this challenge themselves several times in their professional environment and started discussing potential solutions in the summer of 2020. During initial discussions with companies, it quickly became clear: this topic is hot! Many companies are facing the same challenges, and existing solutions are rare and not very satisfactory.  

The future is hybrid

Encouraged by this confirmation, a strong belief in the advantages of hybrid work models, and the conviction that an ergonomically and functionally furnished workplace is essential not only in the office but also at home, lead the three founders to create Novu Office. A strong network of partners was quickly built up with Welti-Furrer, Alltron, Sedus, and Bene. After only a few weeks, the first companies were acquired as customers, and the team had to be enlarged. Together with our team, customers and partners, we are looking forward to shaping a hybrid future in which employees can continue to work in a motivated, healthy and productive way – whether in the office or from home!  

Samuel Dumelin

Sales & Partnerships

Fabian Künzli

Marketing, IT & Operations

Irina Stefani

Business Development

Falk Weber

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