Home office equipment for your employees

We equip your employees in the home office and enable ergonomic and productive work.

Your needs, our solution

Will your employees continue to spend part of their working time in the home office in the future?

Do you want to support your employees in setting up an ergonomic workstation in the home office?

We offer the ideal solution!

Our solution

With our platform, we offer your employees individual access to an optimized product portfolio.

Novu Office platform

Your employees receive access to the Novu Office platform and can order individual home office equipment quickly and easily directly to their homes.

High-quality product portfolio

Our product portfolio includes furniture and IT products that enable ergonomic and efficient work and integrate ideally into existing room concepts.

Comprehensive service

We offer a comprehensive service around our products - delivery and assembly, technical support, as well as take-back if employees leave the company.

Various financing models

Choose from various forms of financing (rental, leasing or purchase) and define up to what amount you as the employer will cover the costs.

Cheaper than expected

Complete workstation

from CHF 45  / month
Height-adjustable desk
Ergonomic office chair
24'' monitor
Keyboard & mouse

We create and share knowledge

Learn more about opportunities, challenges, and other topics related to hybrid work models.

Hybrid Work Compass

Where do Swiss companies stand in terms of developing and implementing hybrid work models? We are investigating this question as part of a study together with the University of St.Gallen and HR Campus.

Why hybrid work pays off

Hybrid work models offer benefits not only to employees, but also to employers and society as a whole.

Employees ...

... use less time for commuting and spend more time with the family

... are more motivated due to increased flexibility and personal responsibility

Employer ...

... saves costs and/ or reallocates office space differently as they need fewer work stations

... attract more talent, as they can increase the geographic reach and enhance employer attractiveness

The Society ...

... benefits from a decreasing environmental impact of commuters and business travellers

... has more space for public recreation areas and/ or apartments in city centers as less office space is needed there

Ergonomic furniture with a strong design

Our range of high-quality furniture allows you to work ergonomically and productively from home in a way that is otherwise only known from the office. At the same time, our products create a dedicated workspace and integrate ideally into existing room concepts thanks to their simple design.

High quality and latest technology

In addition to our furniture, our high-quality IT products are the perfect complement to work efficiently in a digital work environment. Our headset, for example, is the ideal hardware for video conferencing and our high-quality screens are a useful addition to the often rather small laptop screens.

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We focus on quality, flexibility and 100% reliability.