Hybrid Work: Welche Rolle spielen Büros in Zukunft noch?

Das Büro befindet sich im Wandel: Einst Mittelpunkt der Produktivität, verändert es sich zukünftig zum sozialen und interaktiven Treffpunkt der Mitarbeitenden. Die Corona-Pandemie hat sowohl das Miteinander im Privatleben wie auch im Arbeitsalltag verändert. Die grosse Mehrheit der Unternehmen setzt zukünftig auf hybride Arbeitsmodelle, in denen der Ort der Leistungserbringung nicht länger ausschliesslich im Büro […]

Remote working: IT security risk and potential solutions

Hybrid working models come with a number of challenges. IT security is one of them. In an interesting interview with Markus Guenther, IT security consultant at Temet, our co-founder Fabian learned about related risk and what to do about them. Fabian: 2020 was an exceptional year in many aspects. The pandemic forced many companies to […]

Remote working: 7 productivity challenges and hands-on solutions

Does productivity drop when people work from home? No. Multiple studies show that productivity has not significantly dropped since early 2020. However, it’s also true that for most people staying productive when working from home is a challenge. Certainly, there are some factors impacting work from home productivity that are hard or even impossible to change. Among […]

Remote working: 5 mental health challenges and hands-on solutions

A recent global workforce survey by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence found a strong correlation between mental health issues (e.g. feeling isolated and lonely) and working from home. Does that mean that remote working models are not possible without serious repercussions on mental health? Not at all! Does it mean that remote working models need to address mental […]